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Do You Know Your Financial Personality?

What Your Money Habits Say About You. by Mackenzie Maher Supplied by igrad There is a wide array of tests and mechanisms to identify the personality of an individual. These tests are designed to help you understand yourself, your actions, and your attitude towards the world in general. Understanding human personality characteristics is a very broad area of study; there are smaller and more specific aspects that can be studied individually, such as your "financial personality".Your … [Continue Reading]


The New York Daily News: Reality Checks| A Little Grunt Work

July 8, 2014 NYC  Susan Bruno gives the following advice in the New York Daily News! Talk about Money| Kids want to know the basic concepts and who better to teach them than their parents!  Tip #1: Identify Wants vs. Needs Tip #2 : Cut Costs: Learn NOW before you have to pay the bills yourself "in the real world" Tip #3 Buy used, not new, and fix whatever can be repaired. Tip  #4: Take a part time job while in college. Tip #5: It's ok to start at the bottom even if you think … [Continue Reading]

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Five Ways to Save Real $$ as a Wedding Guest

What to wear: Shop consignment shops in the high rent district (think manhattan, borrow from a friend or rent a dress! Try and be sure to get the backup dress!  Remember YOU are NOT the bride!  You can also find amazing accessories and even shoes for a fraction of the cost to buy new! Time the hair and mani/pedi: Assuming this is in your regular budget then all you have to do is TIME it as close to the wedding day as possible, if not that morning especially for the … [Continue Reading]


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