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Doing “Good” On A Budget

Meet Arati Sureddi. She is a social entrepreneur who has worked at start-up non-profits all over the world. In 2013, she founded LOTUS Alliance, a social enterprise addressing human trafficking and forced labor through the responsible tourism industry. LOTUS Nomads, an online travel agency that lists hotels upholding the highest human rights standards and labor practices, is her latest venture. Last week, I got the chance to sit down with Arati and talk about her initiatives and what it means … [Continue Reading]

The Opt Out Generation Wants Back In

Young People, Do You Need Saving?

A New York Times' recent article, titled "Saving Young People From Themselves" by Steven Rattner, got us thinking: Do young people need saving when it comes to saving? The article's statistics paint a startling picture. We as young people are poorer than our parents were on average at our age. We are bogged down by the incredible weight of student loan debt. We are not paying enough attention to how much we are saving for our retirements. Very few young people are contributing a portion of … [Continue Reading]

Raising Financially Fit Kids

Joline Godfrey: Financial Education Is Not JUST About Money

Joline Godfrey, CEO of Independent Means, is also the author of four books on financial education. Independent Means is one of the leading financial education firms in the world. I was lucky enough to be able to speak with Joline about the new edition of Raising Financially Fit Kids, the business of financial education and her approach in the context of families. If you are interested in purchasing her book, please visit the College CFO Store. What revelations have you had about young … [Continue Reading]


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