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4 Easy To Get College Scholarships

USA Today knows scholarships. They posted a list of four easy scholarships that any student can apply for with little to no effort. Free money? That's right! Click here for more information on the following scholarships! 1. U.S. BANK SCHOLARSHIP Scholarship: $1,000 Amount: 40 How often: Annually Qualifications: Being a US citizen and a high school senior or college undergraduate student Chosen: At random! 2. “NO ESSAY” SCHOLARSHIP Scholarship: $2,000 Amount: 1 How often: … [Continue Reading]

The Opt Out Generation Wants Back In

What’s Career Training, Anyway?

Hey CollegeCFO Readers, We came across a great article in the New York Times website this week called "Is Your Student Prepared for Life" by Ben Carpenter. It poses a question that I think most upperclassmen and recent grads are asking themselves right about now: Am I prepared to get the job that I want? When I was an underclassman, I rarely thought about 'career training'. Informational interviews? What were those? Why did it matter that I got an internship over the summer? Wasn't my … [Continue Reading]


Susan on the Radio!

We are so excited to announce that Susan Bruno was just featured on WTOP, speaking about a subject that affects all of us: how much money we should be receiving from 'the bank of mom and dad'. Some (if not most) students and recent grads receive some sort of generous allowance from their parents, but should that be the case? Journalist Randi Martin explores this topic with several interviews and examples, including those of Bill Gates, Sting and George Lucas who do not plan on leaving their … [Continue Reading]

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